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From left: Andy, Erica, Adam, Holly and Alec
Mount CrossFit

The Owners

Mount CrossFit is run by local friends who met through the gym, and purchased it back in 2020. 

Andy has been with Mount CrossFit for a long time – competing at an RX level while also playing rugby, working at Pipe Masters and spending time with his wife Erica and 3 kids. He’s a busy man, but never too busy for the gym.

Adam’s often to be found in the gym! His background saw him as a PT and Medic in the NZ Navy, and more recently as a builder. Adam’s a handy man to have around, and always looking at ways to improve the gym. He’s a great athlete, having competed at the Torian in the past, and he loves a surf too.

Alec has been doing CrossFit for about 5 years after picking it up when living in Manchester, UK. Working as an Audiologist full time, Alec loves coming in for a morning session, having a banter with our members and talking anything Crossfit.

You’ll find Erica and Holly working hard behind the scenes, making sure the business is ticking along nicely and keeping the fellas in check. 

Gym Manager

Tash Thomas

Tash was born and raised in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. She moved to NZ in 2009. She is a mother to three kids (Romeo 13yrs and Evie 7yrs & 1 year old Summer).

In 2010 Tash completed her studies in Sport & Recreation at AUT, and  since then has continued to up-skill her knowledge conducting courses and in multiple management roles – including at Corpore Sano CrossFit in 2018-19.

Tash found CrossFit in 2015 and like most people has enjoyed the competitive side to it but also the supportive community that comes with it. During the last five years she has taken breaks to test herself in more specific domains, such as strength and endurance. Tash represented NZ at the Arnold classic in Melbourne, Australia in the U65 category for strongwoman. She also trained for and completed her first full marathon in 2020 as well as numerous other endurance events.

Tash’s passion lies within helping everyday people to achieve the unimaginable and genuinely cares about helping them to be the best versions of themselves.

Facility Manager
mount crossfit team head coach
Head Coach (CF L2)

Cullam Ross Davie

Our Head Coach Cullam is possibly one of the most passionate CrossFitters you’ll ever meet.

The passion really kicked off in 2018 when he completed his personal training and CrossFit Level 1 courses, and he started coaching at CrossFit Ruark in Rotorua.

Cullam’s always been a sports man – throwing himself into football, swimming, rugby and primarily rowing during his school years, but CrossFit quickly became his #1. Since 2017, he’s signed up for every CrossFit Open, been on the podium twice at team nationals and multiple other competition.

When he moved to the Mount in 2020, Cullam took up work at a HIIT boxing gym and became a member at Mount CrossFit, where he joined us as our head coach in 2021.

“If I could say one thing to someone interested in CrossFit, it’d be “Just come try one class.”


Jared Black

Jared’s passion for fitness came from his time serving in the military, where he served in combat units. He discovered CrossFit in early 2020 at Taurus Fitness in Palmerston North. The evergoing challenge, variety and competitive aspect is why he loves CrossFit. 


Jared then started coaching in 2022 at Taurus, and since moving back to Tauranga in 2023 has continued coaching with Mount CrossFit. CrossFit bettered Jared’s life, so he’s passionate about coaching others and helping them in their journey; regardless of however big or small their goals are.


Jared dedicates a lot of his time training in preparation for his competitive goals in CrossFit, but when he does leave the gym he loves to spend time with his friends and family.

Chas Mount CrossFit
Coach (CF L2)

Chas Clark

Chas grew up doing a lot of biking: motocross, mountain biking and road cycling. He got into CrossFit in 2013 while living in Sydney, at a CrossFit affiliate part-owned by multi time CrossFit Games athlete Chad Mackay. With most of his training at the time centering around HIIT style workouts, it was a natural progression to move into CrossFit. 

Chas loves CrossFit (and fitness in general) because it helps him to better understand where he can push his mind and body to; nothing allows him to find and feel such achievements as in the fitness space. And he loves to inspire the same enjoyment and development in others!
Chas has previously owned his own CrossFit affiliate, and he is now investing and growing his IN Club community: training, sweating and connecting with like-minded locals, with free monthly events based around Tauranga, and often out of Mount CrossFit. Chas is also working towards qualifying for the 2024 HYROX World Championships in individual pro and pairs pro events.

Hayley Whiting

We’re thrilled to have Hayley as part of the team as our Olympic Weightlifting Coach. Hayley first started CrossFit in her third year of university, and did it for three years, before finding a love for Weighlifting and transitioning full time. Turns out she preferred a barbell to burpees!

Hayley loves the discipline that weightlifting requires, and the daily challenge to improve technique. It has provided her a lot of opportunities to push her boundaries and what she thinks she is capable of, and she wants to help others have the same experience. 
Some of Hayley’s achievements (so far):
  • 5th place at 2022 Commonwealth Games. 
  • NZ Record Holder- 81kg snatch, clean and jerk and total, 87kg clean and jerk and total. 
  • Oceania Championships 2024 Gold medallist. 
  • Pacific Games 2023 Silver medallist. 
Our Weightlifting classes run at 5:30 Monday and Wednesday weekly, available for all members to come along and get some tips from the pro! 

Jane Ross Davie

Fitness has always been a big part of Jane’s life. Growing up, she was a competitive swimmer and since then has always enjoyed keeping fit through hockey, waterpolo, dragon boating, skiing, gymnastics, cross country running and indoor netball.

Jane started CrossFit in 2013, getting into coaching in 2015 in Wellington and then the Mount when she moved here in 2017.

Over the years she has competed in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting at both national and international level. She loves the continual challenge, community and social aspect of training and that’s what keeps her coming back.

Outside of the gym Jane will be hanging out at the beach, spending time with her husband Cullam, dog Rusty and working with her nutrition coaching clients.


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At Mount CrossFit, our goal is to make a friendly, healthy community where fitness is fun. 

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